Monday, 7 August 2017

Three QuickBooks online add-ons that you need to know

If you are looking to get QuickBooks online in Southampton, then you need to know the three products of QuickBooks Online (QBO) that are going to play a vital role in how you conduct your business. This article will also be discussing some additional expenses that come with buying QBO products and add-ons. These expenses are not something people are usually aware of. Also, when you get QBO, there are three types of products that are available:

  • Free
  • QBO basic 
  • QBO plus
Moving on to the add-ons, there are three very important add-ons that you need in order to run your business more effectively.
Add-on for customer’s credit card sales
There is a very handy tool on QBO for the approval, processing, and recording of credit card payments made by customers of your company. It is called Quick Books Online Merchant. Accepting the Visa cards or Master cards or any other types of credit cards can really be an attractive feature for your customers. This will help you get paid a lot faster and will save time in collecting payments.
This ability to accept credit card payments is called Merchant Account Service. With this Merchant Account, you are able to process credit transactions either on QBO basic or QBO plus. This add-on records sales instantaneously, which means that you do not have to waste time in manually recording the credit card sales in your QuickBooks accounts. To install this add-on, there is a one-time fee of 59.95$ and a monthly rate of 19.95$ (there will be the credit card discount rate and the authorization fee which is standard).
To use a credit card reader with QuickBooks Online in Hampshire, you have to install the desktop version of the software. The alternative is that you manually enter the customer’s credit card number and the sales information which can also be found on the invoice. A few seconds after you do this, you are notified by the finance company that the customer’s payment has been approved.

Add-on for payroll
Payroll is sold separately and not included in QuickBooks basic or QuickBooks plus. With any QuickBooks software, you can buy the payroll add-on for under 20$ on QBO basic or QBO plus packages. Sometimes, the software providers also put a big discount for the QBO plus account holders. You can get an additional discount if you purchase the software from a certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor. This is in addition to the discount offered on the website, so you can save a lot on these deals.  
Add-on for inventory
To be honest QBO basic and QBO plus do not offer an inventory accounting feature when you purchase the software. You can either do inventory accounting on Excel and record monthly amounts in QuickBooks Online or you can get an add-on like the OE companion, which offers a 30 day trial for inventory accounting or you can go to the website and purchase it there.
Whether you purchase these add-ons or not, it is completely your choice and depends on the needs of your business.



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