Monday, 13 November 2017

Restaurants – A Tricky Business

Opening up a new restaurant or running a restaurant is not easy and even harder if you’re planning to open in Appledore Kent. So, if you are an owner and are looking to expand or if you have always dreamt of owning your own restaurant then you need to learn from some of the mistakes people make while operating restaurants in Appledore Kent so that you can successfully avoid them.
The number one mistake that most people make when opening up a new restaurant is choosing the Location. You might have heard a restaurant or a retail business is all about Location and its true, it can significantly change the outcome of your newly established Restaurant.

There Are Two Types Of People Who Open Up A Restaurant:
  • People, who have a Concept, but need a location.
  • People, who have a Location, but need a concept.

Like, you might have an idea about what your restaurant will look like, what it will serve, whom it will cater and you are just looking for the location for your concept. Well, then you are right on the bones of building your restaurant and all you will be asking yourself questions such as:
  • Will the certain equipment fit in?
  • How will the flow go?
  • What type of parking, lighting, and type of foot traffic will be coming by?

These Are The Important Things To Know.

You might be one of those who has a location but in need of a solid concept for the restaurant. Then you need to know what your location is, is it a destination location, is it in a high-end neighborhood, is it in a food court, is it near a park all these locations cater to different consumer groups.

No matter what your Concept is if you don’t have a nice location that perfectly suits your concept you won’t be able to make it in the restaurant industry. Restaurant Industry is one of that industry in which you can’t skim a factor or think a single factor is bigger than the other. You have to be certain what your main ingredients are and need to follow them precisely.

Appledore is an amazing place in the heart of Devon, in a novel by Charles Kingsley he mentions Appledore as a “little white fishing village”, while opening a restaurant in Appledore Kent, you need to keep in mind, the best location for a concept that you have and by knowing little about the place you can come up with a decision and you can successfully launch the restaurant.


Monday, 6 November 2017