Monday, 24 July 2017

Cleaning and Caring for Wool Carpets

Wool carpets are the best carpets to have in your home. They prove to be advantageous over synthetic carpets. Cleaning wool carpets in Hertfordshire requires just as much as care and attention as if you were cleaning wool garments. They are very expensive when compared with other types of carpets but in the case of wool carpets, you get the value of the item you buy. 

They have an amazing natural ability to be resistant to wear and tear. They can also resist stains far better than other types of carpets. Wool is a luxurious fiber because it is natural. It is also very soft, due to which it has a particular weakness when it comes to cleaning products and the manner in which you clean them. Here are some tips to effectively care for your wool carpet:

The cleaning agent
As mentioned above, the cleaning and maintenance of a wool carpet are quite different from other synthetic carpets like nylon. If you have a lot of cleaners in your cabinets but they are only suited to synthetic carpets, then might as well throw them away. For a wool carpet, only a cleaner with pH neutral solution will be acceptable. 
Regular cleaners that work on other carpets are either too acidic or too basic so they won’t work with wool. They will either dissolve the fabric of your carpet or harden it. In worst cases, the fabric will get stained and your expensive carpet is ruined forever.
Vacuum the carpet
To ensure the best condition of your wool carpet in Hertfordshire, it is vital that you regularly vacuum it. Vacuuming is enough for a short while because the wool does not easily stain or get dirty like other carpets. It should be done a minimum of three times a week. It is preferable that you vacuum daily to keep the wool in the best condition possible.
In case of a stain
There’s no guarantee that you wouldn’t occasionally spill something on your carpet or a spot could form. In that situation, act very quickly. First, dilute the spill using water and clean using a soft cloth. Don’t use too much water because the wool is absorbent and too much liquid could cause discoloration. 

For effective cleaning, make a solution of three parts water and one part vinegar. This solution can be used in the dilution process and it is only slightly acidic so it won’t harm your carpet. Also, keep in mind to avoid scrubbing otherwise, the fiber will start to break and that will only do more harm than good. The area where you scrub it will get fuzzy which also look bad. 
Naturally, wool carpets are resistant to fire. Since it is a property of wool to absorb a tremendous amount of moisture, keeping these carpets in your home could help to minimize the humidity in your home. They have a longer life compared to other synthetic carpets and if cared for properly, will continue to look and feel amazing.


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