Friday, 23 September 2016

What is lawn bowls and finding someone to taylor bowls in Brisbane

Once in a while, you might have lawn bowls tournament being played on TV. Lawn bowls is a sport commonly played in Australia. Basically, it is rolling balls so that they stop close to another smaller ball. It can be played indoors and outdoors. The balls have a weight bias that pulls them in a certain direction in a certain way. The balls that are rolled are larger than the one they are being rolled towards. 

If someone in your family is a lawn bowls enthusiast, a great gift for them would be their very own customised bowl. A variety of vendors provide taylor bowls in Brisbane. You can get them to engrave the user’s name on them. Moreover, they can customise colours and surface designs to suit the user’s preferences.
Lawn bowls are played in fields that are rectangular and levelled. These fields can be made of artificial turf or natural grass. The field where lawn bowls are played is called a bowling green. The bowling green is divided into two narrow rectangular areas called rinks. A coin is tossed to decide who starts the game. The winner of the toss will place the mat and roll the kitty or jack to mark a position for the target. 

Once the jack becomes stationary that is the position of the target. Once this is marked, players, in turn roll their bowls which must touch the kitty or the jack. If a ball stays within the rink it can remain in the game. However, if a bowl rolls  away from the rink boundary, it is considered dead. But if it touches the jack, it is marked with chalk. The bowl that touches the jack is called a toucher. The shortest distance of touchers from the jack decides who wins the game.


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